thoughts & thinking

Our thoughts can be seen as the governor of all regulations in the body. Each thought sets off millions of tiny chemical reactions in the body every few seconds. To the degree that those thoughts are negative or positive, will directly influence those chemical reactions & therefor affect the physiology of our body.

In terms of overall stress on the body, in terms of performance & harmony within, we cannot look passed the importance of being in control of your thoughts & the way you think.

70,000 thoughts passing through your mind each day… It’s a big number. But considering the many tasks we do each day, conversations we have, & that constant mental narration that we all follows us around, maybe it is conservative?

How many of those thoughts do you think are negative? How often do you criticize, pass judgement, talk down to yourself or others? I know personally the dark places we can let our thoughts go.

If your thoughts are constantly leaning in the direction of negative, how might you think your outside world will reflect that? Quantum physics is literally starting to present research & information showing us that what we think, is what we become. Your mental state will reflect your outside world.

If this is the case, is it not worth using all the tools we have, in order to get a handle on our thoughts, our beliefs, getting clear on our values & what we truly want? If at first you aren’t thinking it, it isn’t going to happen!

Having some sort of purpose in life has been shown to decrease physiological stress markers, reduce levels of anxiety & improve our ability to deal with stress in general. If you haven’t read Viktor Frankl’s book, A Man’s Search For Meaning, please get yourself a copy. The story of prisoners through the Auschwitz camp while horrifically grim, is incredibly inspiring at the same. The stories of these prisoners is a true testament to the statement “if you have a big enough “why”, you can overcome almost any “how”

This is my favourite aspect to work on with clients. The greatest results present themselves when the mind is on board also!

A side note to please remember.Try not to be to hard on yourself for not being in control of your thoughts or beliefs. Don’t ever for a second believe that because you have negative thoughts you are in someway failing or not good enough. Be compassionate with yourself, offer some kindness, allow the thoughts to come & go, just like the wind. Nothing is permanent. The first step in gaining control is to stop resisting when we do have negative thoughts. Acknowledge them, allow them, & watch them go. You will see that they are fleeting & in no way a reflection of who you are.. This is then where we can introduce positive affirmations or thoughts to combat the negative.

 We are conditioned through society to think certain ways, to believe certain “societal norms” & also to believe there is a “right” way to be.. We are all unique, we are all individual, there is no one size fits all. Comparing yourself to others is a trap we all fall into at times & this fuels that self judgement & division within yourself. Embrace yourself for who you are, dare to be your unique self, it is a gift after all…