1:1 Coaching

Corrective. High Performance. Exercise Kinesiology. (CHEK Training)

The what

12 x 1 on 1 sessions with Jesse.

Mapping the body through posture & many planes of movement in order to identify where any imbalances lie. We will be diving deep into the movement mechanics of the body, the mental & the emotional aspects of self that influence those mechanics & bodily structures. Through these methods we give ourselves the best chance of restoring balance within the body, alleviating pain, & performing at your absolute best.

The why

This is for those whom aren’t looking for the “quick fix” or treatment, rather those who want to learn the tools & techniques to correct themselves & step into their own power.

Aimed at those in pain who have tried other methods with no success, those recovering from injury, health issue, looking to find confidence & comfort in their body, those who want vitality late into life, or simply want to perform at their peak both physically & mentally.

The how

Every program begins with a thorough biomechanical assessment, as well as a health&lifestyle assessment, upon which we investigate where any areas of dysfunction may be present within the body. We look externally through your diet, workplace, & home life in order to develop a holistic approach that encompass’ all aspects of life.

Through the first 4 weeks, we look at specific muscle activation, building a functional & strong core, while correcting any imbalances through proper movement mechanics alleviating pain symptoms & correcting any dysfunction. We will guide & show you how to release & strengthen any “problem areas” you may have, that may be limiting your performance or keeping you stuck in pain.

We follow up at around week 8 with another biomechanical assessment to make sure we are on the right track, & this gives us the opportunity to adapt our program as needed & bring light to the structural progress being made. All the while developing & fine tuning movement patterns specific to your needs.

Our third phase we really hone in on the movement patterns required for your work environment, sporting endeavours or hobbies. We really get to dive into the performance side of things at this end of the program, once we have built & re structured the foundation

Online coaching

simple. easy. effective.

For those who are comfortable in the gym, yet need a program to achieve the results they want, or simply aren’t in the Northern rivers area we do offer packages tailored to suit your needs.

This is geared towards those hoping to train from home with some equipment available, hoping to improve their movement mechanics, posture & mobility.

Your program will be specific to your goals & will be available to use online, with videos of exercises, direct messaging for any questions, & 24/7 support.

You will have weekly check ins with me via text or call + nutrition & lifestyle guidance along the way.


If you’d like to work with Jesse, simply book in an assessent (2.5 hr) using our scheduling system, or fill out a contact form to find out more information.


  • Minimum 12 Week Commitment
  • Online Video Assessment + Online Health Appraisal Questionnaire
  • Weekly 1hr+ Online Movement Session
  • Mobility + Exercise Program w/ Video Access
  • Weekly Check in & Support


  • 12 Session Block (Minimum 1 x in House Session p/wk)
  • Comprehensive Postural Assessment (2.5hr) + Another at 8 weeks
  • Myofascial Release Work + Mobility & Exercise Program
  • Postural Correction, Muscle Activation > Primal Pattern Movement > Work/Sport/Goal Specific
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Included.

Pure Potential Holistic Health offers personalized training programs to help clients achieve their peak physical potential. By combining corrective exercise, nutritional guidance, and mental well-being coaching, they address pain, prevent injuries, and empower clients to live a healthier, more fulfilling life

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