The building blocks of life! We have all heard the term “we are what we eat”, but in addition to that, we are what we eat & what we eat, eats! Meaning we literally take on all the good, the bad & everything in between when it comes to the meat, fish, poultry, plants, fruits & vegetables we eat.

As a society, we must understand we take on all of the chemical’s, all of the pesticides, all of the grains & hormones that are “fed” to most crops & animals. We absorb these nasties & our bodies must go into overdrive in order to detoxify & fight the immune response triggered by such chemicals. This has a direct relation to then how we recover, our state of mental health, how we move, energy levels, skin condition, weight… the list is endless

Food can be our greatest source of strength & protection if we are mindful, if we pay attention. Food is one of the biggest factors in losing weight. Forget about your exercise program if at first you aren’t nourishing your body with the right vitamins & minerals it needs!

Eating an organically sourced diet helps you in the fact you avoid most of the toxic feed or grains & chemicals. An animal raised organically, generally lives a stress free life. There is nothing worse than images of those poor animals “grown” commercially, crammed next to each other like sardines in horrific conditions. Force fed hormones & all sorts of nasties. This is the basis the whole “animal movement” has started yet it isn’t solving any problems, just creating new ones!

The thing is all humans & animals are bio accumulators.. meaning we store things like toxins, stress & emotions in the body. We do this to lesson the burden placed on the liver. Stored in adipose tissue (fat stores) these toxins will stay stored until that fat is then used to burn for energy, releasing those toxins into the bloodstream.

Think of this in terms of a stressed out, commercially raised animal… How do you think their adipose tissue is looking? Again I’ll use the term we are what we eat, & what we eat, eats… We take on all of those toxins, stress & whatever else upon consuming either plant or animal. If someone already has a high physiological load, is already quite stressed through other life factors, this is just driving a toxic environment of which disease & illness can thrive.

Plants are some of the most heavily sprayed in terms of chemical use. So don’t think you are avoiding all of this by sticking to a plant based diet. Look deeper. Think of commercial farms & all the chemicals that are in the soil. The same soil those plants rely on to grow & flourish. Those same plants we then rely on to grow & flourish.

There truly is a circle of life, no matter how you look at it you have to respect the fact everything is connected. We are connected to the plants, we are connected to the soil, the animals, the trees & the ocean. What influences one, will affect all.

Please be diligent & mindful when choosing your food source. Respect the planet, she needs our love.

Bottom line is this… Avoid processed foods, vegetable oils, grains where possible, conventional dairy, sugar, flour & plain white table salt.. Anything that comes in a packet is virtually processed to some degree.

Eat to YOUR metabolic type, pay attention to how you feel after meals, choose organic where possible (preferably meat/ poultry/ fish) & if you would like to find out more, don’t be afraid get in touch!