Our bodies are roughly 75% water. Even slight signs of dehydration have long & lasting effects on things like:



Mental clarity







Organ functions

The list is incredibly long, but you can start to see my point. Research shows just slight signs of dehydration increases your risk of making a mistake by 114%… Other research shows us that roughly 80% of all Australians are severely dehydrated. When you think about both of these studies together, you can see how many of us are under performing each & everyday. How many of those mistakes are costly? Maybe it’s a simple mistake in a car, sport or your career that comes back to bite you.

It is such a simple task yet so many of us struggle with it. So many of us forget that we are mostly made of water, it is essential for our organs, obviously the brain being one, but for general bodily functions like digestion & elimination, our immune system, or our ability to detoxify.

QUALITY water is vital in creating harmony in the body. Good quality filters can help keep out the nasty metals & chemicals found in tap water. Be sure to check exactly what your filter is classed to keep out. There are many options on the market in terms of water filters, however not all of them are equal in their ability to filter out the heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine etc.. Do your research, it will be well worth the investment.

We should be aiming to drink at least half of our body weight in ounces a day. Or if you want to convert to litres, times your weight in kg’s x 0.033 to give you required Litres. More if we are drinking any coffee, exercise or sport, alcohol etc..

When exercising, some studies show that every 15 minutes of exercise should be combated with a top up of water..

Remember that little statistic in terms of performance & dehydration.

One last tip is too give your water a little flare. Try adding some lemon, cucumber, lime, magnesium & a pinch of quality sea salt. All of the above add not only flavour to help get those who don’t really like the taste, but they add essential minerals & the sea salt actually alters the PH, which is important as the body will only absorb the water at a certain PH level.

Drink your water, legends!