Exercise & movement

We all know exercise & movement is important, it is one of the 4 doctor models we teach. These days most people are far to sedentary, we sit at office desks all day, park ourselves in front of the television for hours on end only to feel lethargic, unmotivated, depressed & our diet & lifestyle choices often reflect that.

Posture these days is worse than ever. Incidence of pain is worse than ever.

Gravity is constantly weighing us down, trying to push us into the earth. What I see, is that through being so sedentary & “screen” orientated, the effects of gravity take their toll on the body. The shoulders round forward, head creeps forward, it’s like we are slowly going back into the fetal position. This only leads to pain & injury. No one wants to be the super hunched over person in agony as they age do they? We have evolved to stand up against gravity & we are very efficient at doing so, however it is essential we become aware of  the imbalances our everyday behaviours are fueling. It is important we combat these with proper exercise & movement.

Another thing I want to mention is resistance training. A Lot of people these days still turn their nose up at the thought of weight training. Maybe it’s the illusion of being to “bulky” or whatever stigma it is the individual has latched onto. However, weight training when performed with the right prescription & method will literally reverse, or at least slow down the aging process. Resistance training will boost metabolism, improve immune function, decrease BMI(body mass index), decrease most of the health markers we try & keep down like blood pressure, resting heart rate etc..

Resistance training is especially important for women & anyone over the age of 40. As we age, certain hormones slow down production, we start to lose muscle mass & bone density starts to decline. This leads to the “frail” look. Resistance training offers up a solution to this problem, not solving it, but slowing it down. If you look up my mentor Paul Chek, you will see a 59yr old man in terrific shape. He is strong & can move incredibly well, offering him the opportunity to do the things he loves & spend QUALITY time with his kids.

For all the women out there, please stop smashing yourself with HIIT style workouts & crazy diets in the hope to lose weight or get that “booty”. Instead, get yourself a coach to correct your form, & go pick up some heavy weights! You will NOT get bulky. In terms of physiological response being a woman has many advantages, the estrogen in your body will help you recover quicker than male counterparts being one of them!

Increased muscle tone is an important one. Through & after pregnancy your connective tissue lengthens to facilitate the birth process. Building stability in the connective tissue, joints etc, is important in helping the body return to its state of equilibrium.

Resistance training as a women will not only lead you toward that body you want but it will also help you step into your role as a woman. You can’t help but feel strong, confident & capable through your journey with weight training. Building on your sense of independence, this will flow over into many other aspects of your life & you may find momentum start to build in leading you toward whatever life goal or legacy you are aiming for.

Our ancestors moved frequently, whether that was hunting, gathering, changing location etc.. So to best combat those (unavoidable) extended periods of sitting, try parking the car as far away from the grocery store as possible, use the stairs, go for a walk in your lunch break, make it a family event to take the dog for a walk, get out in nature.. Movement doesn’t have to be strictly gym based.

Exercise programs are great for a number of reasons, but some of us get caught in the trap thinking that just because you got into the gym for 45 minutes today means you can spend the rest of your waking time either sitting down or over indulging in those foods you “worked off”

Movement is medicine. Hippocrates said “if you are in a bad mood, go for a walk & if you are still in a bad mood, go for another” We don’t have to over complicate it, work with what you have, but get moving & make sure whatever mode of movement you choose you enjoy it!!